Sunday, April 5

Writing a new play !

Here I am again after a long time writing a new play. Yup. New. Entirely new plot. Not an adaptation! In last few months I have done several adaptations one after the other. First was Chaitra which was an adaptation of Tagore's play 'Cycle of Spring'. Finally Mohit directed this one. Mohit has is never keen on taking up plays that I write. This has happened for last several years. After 'Brain Surgeon' he stopped touching my plays. Some flaws in me perhaps that he cannot openly tell me .. Well .. But he praised Chaitra no limits. HE TOOK IT UP FOR DIRECTION TOO! and this was quite good for me. I got the necessary boost. Last year he indirectly conveyed his dislike for Sahasrachandradarshan when I first read it out to him. But this time I was write on target .. he liked what I wrote.

Almost immediately I adapted Tissue for Aniruddha Khutwad. Ek Rikami Baju as its Marathi awatar was accepted by most people seeing it or reading it. I enjoyed it too.

Next was Achalayatan. Again a Tagore play. I felt I could direct this. I did that and that, too, was liked by many people who watched it. Achalayatan has a different calibre. It may reach places if projected wisely and properly. Then after this play I Edited Saawly for its show as a long one act play. Later I finished my adaptation of another Bengali novel 'Gosaai Baganer bhoot'. The adaptation was titled 'Gosawyachya Bagetil Bhoot'. I did it for Mohit again but this, too is locked in an uncertain fate cycle.

Achalayatan had a prelude which was performed by four brilliant actresses in my group. We had to scrap that part of the play looking at a major reaction going against it. That time I had promised my actress friends that I will write a play for them. I had a plot in mind. I started my work on it. But somehow that plot kept on blocking me. The girls are very eager to do a play, so am I ! But No play .. and that pestered me for quite some time.

Day before yesterday my friend Swapnali sent me a few mails giving me a few plots that she found interesting for writing a play which she said she found I could do effectively.

I started my work on the plot and here I am ... writing a new play! All the characters are talking to me .. bringing forth their stories. I am writing a new play! and I am going to direct it! I am excited.

I am writing a NEW PLAY! 22 pages already written!

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