Tuesday, April 7

Six Women I met ...

As I have already said it here. I am writing a play. New one. And the characters in the play are SIX interesting women. I had earlier heard about it. That the playwrights and the characters have a constant connection and things of that sort. I had seen several plays which featured the characters coming out or coming alive and debating with the playwright. While I wrote my other plays, the characters were 'seen' by me. They were very clear, transparent and see-through people who gave me access to their life at my disposal.

This time I am working with six ladies in this new play. Interesting thing is, they actually 'tell' their stories to me. This prompting is continuously on!

I am experiencing this something 'sensory' for the first time.

Medicine classes once told me about Schizophrenia! HA HA HA !!!

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