Monday, April 27

Why do we need to re-register as Citizen?

It is unclear to me why, who and how this system of re-and re and re registering as citizen of India got its roots ? I mean, I do not know why the names of people disappear from voters' list and the voters have to go and check if they can vote!

This is absurd.

I have a valid ration card on a Pune address but my voters card does not get transfered to that address. The number on my old voters' card cannot yield results in internet searches for voters.

I mean, despite going through the ridiculous paperwork and several visits to the designated offices thousands of people lost their 'right to vote' and could not vote. I have been struggling to see my name in voters list for past several years but every time I change my house, I have to go through all the grill all over again and still my name would not appear at a right place. I may have consolation if it is at some wrong place but I do not have access to this information easily.

Searching your name in the voters' list is not an easy task. What you get is a whole list of names readable only with acrobat reader.

So as an efficient voter citizen you need this one more thing .. a software installed on your computer !

So many hardships and a software too ...

I hope and pray to see my name in the voters' list some part of Pune some time in recent future!

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Swapnali said...

It is quite furstrating indeed. I have heard a few more stories from friends about the voters' list fiasco.

What about those voters who do not have a computer even!