Wednesday, April 29

Marathi TV programmes...

I happen to watch TV quite a few times. I mean the regional channels. It enriches me to a great extent .. Not always in a sarcastic way of saying .. but I enjoy it for that moment.

Marathi channels on TV are forced to move in two exactly opposite directions. On one hand they want to match the modern aesthetics and on the other hand they do not want to miss the semi-urban viewer. Advertisers are one force and the creative teams or creative critics may be the other.

Marathi TV programmes are mostly not either ways satisfying. With a few exceptions like Little champs of saregamapa on Zee Marathi, most programmes are such that a person with an IQ of average level will start laughing no limits.

Most programme inform you. They inform you about the ignorance people have in general.

Today I was watching a programme. The anchor was asking questions to the viewers who wanted to talk to the celebrity. Later the celebrity was also asked a question. The questions and answers go like this ....

Anchor : (to caller) Who is the first lady president of India?
Caller : Indira Gandhi
Anchor : What is meant by Kokancha Raja?
Caller 2 : Narayan Rane
Anchor : What is the the name taken by Lata Mangeshkar for composing music?
Caller 3 : Aasha Bhosale
Anchor : What is the full name of Aacharya Atre?
Caller 4 : Pralhad Krushna
Anchor : What is the full name of Pu. La. Deshpande?
Caller 5 : ........ (Silence .. and then ... sound of disconnection)

And then the height of it was ..
Anchor : (to the celebrity) What is the birth year of Shivaji Maharaj?
Celebrity : 1874 !!!

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Swapnali said...

Ha ha very funny. I also agree than TV needs to mature a lot in India overall. And I simply feel that they should ban the saans bahu serials.